The Kaiserin Friedrich-Stiftung

All activities of the Kaiserin Friedrich-Stiftung serve the purpose of continuing medical education in accordance with the foundation's mission.

Independent, nationwide events
for doctors and lawyers working in the field of medical law Clinical training courses

  • Internists and general practitioners working as family doctors
  • Full-time doctors from the medical services of the employment agencies
  • Consultant physicians of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

The events, which take place three to four times a year, last one week. A maximum of 45 doctors take part.

Reintegration courses for doctors after a non-professional interval

  • The courses take place once a year - mostly in January.
  • The duration of the event is fixed at two weeks.

The annual symposium for lawyers and doctors lasts a maximum of two days, including an evening event and a maximum of 190 participants.

For special medical law events, evening or day events are also held in cooperation with other institutions. T

he foundation supports the exchange of doctors between Berlin and the Jinan University in Guangzhou/China on the basis of a partnership agreement that has existed for more than 20 years.

Together with the German Heart Center Berlin, the Foundation supports foreign physicians from Europe, Asia and Africa, among others, in their hospitation, further education and training or guest research in Berlin.

The Kaiserin Friedrich-Stiftung maintains intensive cooperation with the Hartmannbund Foundation and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV).

Download:  Statutes of the Kaiserin Friedrich-Stiftung